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Welcome to St Francis central School

The school, St.Francis Central Karuvappara is a Catholic minority institution established and run by Society of Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen. The institution named St. Francis Central School commenced its functioning 1st June 2003 with the pre-primary classes under the leadership of Sr. Lisa O.S.F with the support of efficient and dedicated staff, parents and well wishers, she has been instrumental in rendering unique service not only in dispelling abject ignorance and illiteracy but also helping the society. It is due to her hectic efforts and selfless service to humanity, her visionary instinct, motivating leadership, the school is growing with confidence under her experienced and graceful hands. Greatly influenced by the teaching of St. Francis, she spearheaded and successfully paved the path for quality education in Kozhinjampara. Now the school stands proudly one of the best institution in Palakkad.


  • Love
  • Growth
  • Liberty


The primary aim of St. Francis Central School, Karuvappara, is “Total Education”, which implies the holistic approach to education and which is concerned with the total development of an individual as a person...

The method of education followed in the institution is the system taught and practiced by St.Francis of Assissi based on personal conviction, universal brotherhood, love, kindness, charity and faith in God. The constant effort of the school is to develop the individual personality of the students and to bring out the best and noblest qualities in them so as to make them mature individual person who are both open and committed to the divine spirit and to their fellow beings. Spiritual attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school. We believe in making a student educated than simply making him literate.

  1. Use of English as a medium of conversation is highly emphasized.
  2. Discipline and moral values are inculcated in the character of students.
  3. Personality Development is a Primary Aspect of education.
  4. St Francis Central School is not a place where lessons are taught; it is a center that has an Operative educational philosophy.


To facilitate an all-inclusive development of students by enhancing the abilities to get evolved into socially committed citizens. The pedagogy employed guarantees a pleasure filled learning ambience apart from the constricting environment which transcends the aim of education to a further well-defined level. The students are motivated to develop a nature-friendly conscience which is contemplated in the eco-friendly campus. The sound tutelage ensures the holistic growth of students which inculcate values, unbiased gender outlook, sense of confidence and credence which concretize their identity.


  1. To provide quality education with sound value system.
  2. To grain students to maintain meaningful relationships with fellow beings and nature.
  3. To stretch students to their maximum possible so as to develop their potential to its highest limit.
  4. To bring them out of their selfishness and to empower them with commitment to society.
  5. Improve the academic potential of our students.
  6. To encourage students to be self-disciplined, courteous and have confidence in their own abilities.
  7. Provide career guidance programme to students.
  8. Conduct frequent in- service programme for the teachers.